92 days

4 states


365 Days

50 States

So far we've completed projects in Florida, Texas, Alabama and South Dakota



How A Year To Volunteer Began

We're Shar and Phil Roos. Phil's a retired Navy Captain, Shar's a now retired Insurance and Financial Services Agent. After years of doing humanitarian and volunteer work in our careers, we found ourselves unfulfilled in our daily lives. We wanted to travel the US, but wanted to do it with purpose. One day Shar said, “Let’s take a year to volunteer,” and the A Year to Volunteer project was born. 

We plan to visit and volunteer in each state and volunteer for a total of at least 365 days! We find people, places, charities, cities, communities etc, that need help, then we solicit volunteers to give us a hand via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We don’t limit our projects to just RVers though, we encourage folks in the area and ask them to join in with us as well!


Upcoming Projects

If you would like to join us on any of our upcoming projects please send an email to

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 10.35.39

Versailles State Park


Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 6.04.50 PM.png

Wild Hearts Equine Therapy Center

South Carolina


Fall Creek Falls State Park

Aug 18 - Sept 18

This park recently had 80 acres donated to them and they need our help to build an observation deck and bridge.

Oct 7 - Oct 31

We will be building a meditation trail and sensory trail to start and other projects will be added as we get closer.

Early November

We are going to build trails, build bridges, construct an aviary and much more!


Past Projects

Custer and Palisades State Parks
South Dakota

At Custer State Park we painted the bison corrals for their annual bison round up.  Then we moved to Palisades State Park where we cleared, widened and resurfaced the South Wall Trail.


Buck's Pocket State Park

This park had been closed in 2015 for budget reasons and was getting reopened on June 15, 2020. Here we had 29 volunteers join us who put in a total of 3200 hours, over 40 days. We remodeled the Campground Office, created the buck's head entrance emblem, cleared trails, built 7 tent camping sites and 4 primitive sites, painted the maintenance and storage shed, restored and painted the playground and cleared flood debris. This park was the heart and soul of this community and all were thrilled to see it reopened.

Joe Wheeler State Park
Rogersville, AL

We helped get this park re-opened!  They were supposed to be closed until 2021 but after we completed several projects, they decided to open on Memorial Day weekend 2020! Here we remodeled the campground store, built and installed bridges, painted, cleaned, drywalled, and a whole lot more!

image0 (1).jpeg

Coastal Oaks Church
Rockport, TX

This area was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.  The Coastal Oaks Church had a building that was damaged and needed to be demoed. They needed to save money on the demo so they could apply it to the reconstruction, and A Year To Volunteer came in for 12 days with 11 volunteers and got the job done!

Florida Caverns State Park
Marianna, FL

The Florida Caverns were devastated by Hurricane Michael in Oct 2018. 9 out of 10 trees were destroyed. This campground had been closed for 16 months. Here we built a boyscout shower, tamped RV pads, built horse and tent pads, removed fences, debris and much much more!


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